Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Cute Pouches

Here's some things I've been doing.

I made several pouches from a pattern book I have. ISBN 4277430902. These are adapted from the Little Red Riding Hood I did a few weeks ago.
Spaceship Pouches
Elephant Pouches
Pink Sunshine Pouch

This whale is my favorite:
Whale Pouch

I have a few more pouches ready for the last assembly stitches. I got most of the motifs from my various design books. particularly this one HERE.

More tomorrow. I'm so glad to have my own hard drive back!


Rebel said...

Those are just too adorable for words! I like the elephant ones.

Berinda said...

hi, i think the little pouches that you did are so adorable. May i ask are they for sale? coz i think my very best fren would love it!

IamSusie said...

Berinda- Thanks for your interest in my pouches! They are for sale at my etsy shop, but I have a sort of small selection at the moment since I haven't gone into pouch production since early springtime. Please contact me if you want to order one for your friend. I can customize it to your preferences. I charge about $12 US.

Check out my store at