Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Swap Goodies

Here's the package I received from my second partner in our Mascot Swap. Meet Jack the Fruit Bat created by Wildfyre:
Fruit Bat and Pumpkin

Bat info card
Wildfyre shared her pattern links. Bat pattern HERE. Pumpkin pattern HERE.
Isn't he fab? Just when I think I'm getting better about working in 3-dimensions, my swap partners go ahead and make awesome things like this! I've always wanted to make fabric pumpkins and I even collected pumpkin colored fabrics, but I never did ever make any pumpkins with it. I'm so glad to have this. Also I do love bats.

My Mom and I once flew down to the San Antonio area to witness the emergence of the largest colony of bats in the world at Bracken Cave in Texas. Estimates are that there are between 25 and 60 million Mexican Free-tailed bats in this cave. They summer in Texas and winter in Mexico. It was a stunning and memorable experience. They all swirl out of this large hole in the ground with has a strong acrid ammonia smell from the bats. The odor kicks up when they begin to emerge and they fly off all in the same direction in one giant ribbon in the sky.

(This video has really cheesy music...)

Less than 2 weeks to Halloween! I better get the rest of our decorations out!


Rebel said...

That is an adorable little bat... and I love the card that came with it.

Heather said...

So cute!

Could you please post where I can find that pumpkin pattern? The link isn't working. :(

IamSusie said...

Sorry about that, Heather, I fixed the link.