Monday, October 22, 2007

Jitterbug Dancers

I just finished my last motif for my Tea Towel Tour and mailed it off to CupcakeGuru.

Her towel came with embroidery from 4 other stitchers. They all chose pretty ladies and a pinup style. I don't have many of these sorts of transfer patterns and THIS ONE is a bit too um... suggestive.
I chose these Jitterbug Dancers:
Jitterbug Dancers

Floresita has graciously provided these patterns for free along with many others at her Vintage Transfer Finds Blog HERE.

The original pattern had pretty goofy faces, so I tried to redo them. I made them a bit more serene than I'd imagine a lively dancing couple would look, but this is embroidery floss after all...
Jitterbug Dancers closeup

Here is her whole towel: It's all finished!
Tea Towel Tour Towel

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Rebel said...

Those dancers are adorable! I want you to know that you inspired me to pick up a couple of needle work patterns. I haven't started them yet, I'm not sure what I would put them on though.