Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Books, 280 Yen!

These little Japanese booklets are a pretty good buy. They were about $4.00 at our Chicagoland Japanese Bookseller at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

The prices are slightly better at YesAsia, but a real life bookstore has obvious other advantages.
This one is a felting instruction booklet, ISBN 4277490050
ISBN 4277490050

I know you can probably find all these sorts of instructions on the internet, but I like having them in my own pretty little booklet. Here is a lovely flower. Step-by-step instructions are provided in detailed photographs:
ISBN 4277490050 detail1
Any book that I buy has to have some pages of cuteness and this one is no exception:
ISBN 4277490050 detail2

I also got a second book, ISBN 9484277490306. This one is adorable beaded lovliness.
ISBN 9484277490306

Here are some Christmas beading ideas:
ISBN 9484277490306 detail1

And summertime critters:
ISBN 9484277490306 Detail2

Last year I got this felt mascot book, ISBN4277490549:
ISBN4277490549 Japanese Felt Mascot Book

It has these patterns for you Francophiles out there:
ISBN4277490549 Detail

I also stitched this mouse from that book:
Mascot Swap 2 Mouse

That mouse went unacknowledged by my swap recipient all the way over in New Zealand. Alas.. that's the way swapping goes sometimes...


Pixie said...

Hello Susie, I'm sorry to hear you didn't get a "thanks" from my fellow New Zealander. I think he's lovely, I bet she did too! Pixie in NZ

myra said...

That mouse is the cutest! I'm sure you're swapper loved it. I know I would have!

And $4 a book? What a steal.

*BB* said...

How cute!! I love that eiffel tower one!!