Monday, February 11, 2008

Finished and Photographed Pouches

It's taken me all day to get photographs taken of just 4 of my fabric pouches to list them at my etsy shop. The crafting is easy, but dang, getting decent photographs is so frustrating! It's particularly difficult getting four angles of each item to match. I think it may be the winter sun. We went out and got a cheap full spectrum light and it helped, but I'm still not totally satisfied with my photos...

I really like my pouches though!

I've had this adorable sock monkey fabric for awhile. I even made my own mousepad with some of it. This is my Sock Monkey Fabric Pouch.
Sock Monkey Pouch

Here is another monkey style applique pouch. I love this bandana fabric. One of these fabrics is from Michael Miller.
Felt Monkey Pouch

I adore red gingham and flowers, so I made this more traditional style pouch:
Red Gingham Pouch

Finally, I made another version of my Alien Invasion pouch. The novelty fabric was at JoAnns, but I think it sold out awhile ago.
Alien Invasion Pouch

I hit upon the idea to do circular patches because some of my fabrics are very graphic and bright and aren't such good backgrounds for handstitched details.

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