Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Kick

Read my friend, Donna's adventures cutting fabric with the Sizzix Big Kick over at Craft Critique HERE.

She found that those little thin dies you see all over the craft stores do not cut even the thinnest fabric, so I guess I purchased the right kind of system for my needs. Donna even made a cute penny rug with her die cut felt circles. I like the way hand stitching softens the slick perfection of die cut things.


Anonymous said...

Ooooo...that's great, because ever since YOUR post about the Sizzix machine I've been watching Ebay & the Original one you own is alot more $ than the Sidekick...and if it cuts felt...well, all I can say is WooHoo! Warm up the credit card ;P
Smiles, DianeM

Donna said...

Thanks for the link! I've been bad about reading my friends' blogs and didn't even post anything on my own blog the whole month of February. I think I've just been too cold.