Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pouches in Progress

New pouches

I'm still inspired by monkeys so I have a few versions of monkey applique on some new pouches. I use interfacing on the lining, so they are quite sturdy. I use one in my purse to organize my pens and small pads of paper and it holds it's shape nicely without being stiff. These are turned inside out and need ironing, velcro, and their square gussets.

Last night we got a call from our village telling us that there is a shortage of rock salt in the midwest so they will only be salting the main roads during the current storm. In my area we are supposed to get 9-12 inches, so it's going to be slick out there. The kids are home for their third snow day.

Honestly, I do love winter. I like the way a snowy cold day justifies my homebody tendencies. The snow is bright and lovely when the season is usually grey and dim. I really can't function well outside when it is really hot and I like wearing jeans and cute sweaters better than shorts and t-shirts. However.. It's February now and I need some bright sunshine! My mother-in-law goes south for a month in the winter to miss the worst of the winter blahs.

Here's the backyard now. It's like a wonderland! This is just about 4 inches of what is expected to fall all day. Winter continues


Lotta said...

I know, isn't it pretty!? Love your choices in fabric.

Lily Boot said...

Cool! What do you use the pouches for? I have some of the funky monkey fabric - yards and yards and yards - I have been making a special "for when we're sick quilt" - the rate I'm going it will be for my grandchildren! warm regards, Lily