Monday, February 25, 2008

Tea Towel Tour Round 3

I've been out of swaps since the fall and I miss it, so I signed up to be a group captain for a round three Tea Towel Tour over at Craftster.

Alicia over at Posy Gets Cozy posted a great tutorial about binding tea towels HERE. It really does look great, so I got out some vintage style fabric I had a lot of yardage for and cut 2 inch strips on the bias and made my own bias tape.
bias tape maker
This tape maker is a Dritz brand and it was a bit of a problem because it kind of slides around when I used it. I want to get a Clover brand one in this one inch width or 3/4 inches will do...

I worked it out and I'm happy with how it turned out. It does work best to cut off the hems of your tea towel, square up your towel, and then bind the raw edges. You'll get less bulk that way.

Bias binding

I think I want a kitchen kitsch theme for this towel. You know those old fashioned dancing plates and silly fruits and veggies? Sort of along those lines. I am always happy with what people stitch for me. It's so fun! I'll probably get my first towel from my group to stitch later this week.

I liked this binding so much I did my towel from round 1. I was going to do a last motif for this one, but that looks like it isn't going to happen so it's time to get this towel out of my sewing basket and into the kitchen where it belongs:
Bound Tea Towel

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