Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln

Today is the 200th birthday of America's Greatest President.

Abraham Lincoln Embroidery

I embroidered a children's coloring page illustration that I found on the internet. The fabric trim is a cheerful vintage print that came to me a few weeks ago from my Aunt's stash after she passed away. I made it into double fold binding using my bias tape maker. This is a flour sack tea towel that I found at Cost Plus World Market. The quality of the towel is exceptional and the price was great. Unfortunately, the last time I shopped there they were out of these perfect tea towels.

I like these low, side angle photos:

Abraham Lincoln Embroidery

My daughter brought her Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln dolls into school today. We got them at the Lincoln Library in Springfield, Illinois. You should definitely go to all the Lincoln stuff they have in the Springfield area. We had one of our funnest, least expensive vacations with the kids in Springfield. At one small county museum, the proprietor let my son handle the axe that Lincoln used to cut shingles before he left his labor job to become a state legislator. It had the initials "AL" on it.

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln

Happy Birthday Mr. President!


Lisa said...

Did you know it was also Charles Darwin's 200th? Kind of amazing that two men who had such profound effects on the world shared the exact same birthday.

I can't believe this is my first comment. I started reading early last year because of your embroidery posts, and I've stayed to read everything else.

Thanks a bunch!

IamSusie said...

Hi Lisa! I'm glad you stayed to keep up with my blog!

I knew about Darwin, but I was really inspired to do Lincoln. Today I took the kids to the Natural History Museum and we did a whole thing about evolution and natural selection. It was great, so now I might actually do Darwin on the opposite side of Lincoln's towel, but I am not sure...

SewAmy said...

love your lincoln embroidery.

Ashley Jennings said...

Love it! I was just updating my own tutorial on President's Day. Mine includes Lincoln as well. I didn't know anyone else did that sorta thing. Tehe. Love how it looks like redwork, but only with black embroidery instead.