Monday, November 23, 2009

Geekery with Quilters Interfacing

1-Up Mushroom

Check out my article at Craft Critique to see what I made with Quilters Interfacing. It's a really fun and easy product to use. The only hard part is trimming and ironing the seams on the back to reduce bulk.


I also spent some time listing inventory at my Etsy shop. Click through to see some great gift ideas! I have lots of new pouches, felt hairclips, and hand dyed wool flowers.


Rita @ Mochi Studios said...

All your Etsy shop creations are gorgeous! And I'm loving how your Super Mario Mushroom quilt is coming along! So cute! I've never heard of quilter's interfacing but it looks like something I wanna try out sometime! (maybe for a small project first :D)

tarabu said...

DUDE! That's awesome. I am making my mother a Tetris quilt for the holidays and as soon as I conquer that pesky 'Y' seam, I am making a Q-bert one for me.

Dorks rule!

Mom Wald said...

You have been a busy beaver!

I wondered about needing to trim the seems when quilting with interfacing.

What wonderful Etsy goodies!

julie said...

Loving Mario! I've been using gridded interfacing for a postage stamp quilt, and wow--it's a learning curve for me! I have thrown out an unhappy number of 10x10 postage stamp blocks because of their rectangularity--all my fault.

Lori K said...

Thank you so much! I checked out your tutorial and it finally gave me the courage to tackle a similar project that I've been putting off for almost two years.
schweeet!! I can DO it!