Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kawung Style Embroidery

I reviewed Dritz Mark-B-Gone Marking Pens for Craft Critique. Click HERE to read my article.

I also finished my last stitching for my Tea Towel Tour swap at Craftster. Click HERE to see our gallery. Find the "See Images Only" tab to edit out the chit-chat.

Kitten Wrangler indicated that she was interested in traditional Indonesian design so I did some research. I found mostly batik designs, but a motif I thought would translate to embroidery was this style of interlocking circles called "Kawung".

Embroidery for Kitten Wrangler

It is a beautiful loose weave linen cloth, so the circles came out very slightly wonky. Batik motifs are also imperfect, so I'm being authentic, right? I used DMC Color Variations embroidery floss for the circles. It is lovely floss! Note to family: Good Christmas gift for Susie is the multipack of Color Variations Floss.

Embroidery for Kitten Wrangler

Here is Kitten Wrangler's finished towel. Actually it is a napkin, but in this swap I call everything a towel regardless if it is an apron or something else. Click on the photo to go over to Flickr to see the labeled photo. I didn't do most of this lovely stitching!

Embroidery for Kitten Wrangler


Jenny said...

All I can say is WOW! The stitching on that piece is beautiful! Your stitches are exceptional. Do you participate in all the tea towel tours?

IamSusie said...

Thanks, Jenny! I participate in the ones on Craftster! I'm usually a group leader. We feel that we have a good system and have worked out some of the challenges of this sort of swap. You have to be careful about who you let in, because they can flake out and make off with other people's work!

Carina said...

Love. It! And fab colours too. DMC variegated thread is awesome! :-)

Paula said...

I love all your embroidery work and those colours are really wonderful. I do hope you get some of that DMC floss for Christmas ;-)

Giggly said...

That is so gorgeous!

Mom Wald said...

Absolutely lovely! It's nice knowing that you have someone who will appreciate your research. How fun!