Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gift Mascots

It was my birthday over the weekend. My daughter found a project in my felt mascot books and made this for me:

Mascot by Emma

Cute! I love her running stitch in a contrasting thread! I'm wearing it on my jacket for fall. My mascot books are all in Japanese, but we aren't intimidated!

A few weeks ago I helped her make this elephant as a gift for a little sister of her close friend:
Emma's Elephant

The little girl reports that she sleeps with her little blue elephant every night.
Here is the creator with her creation:

Emma's Elephant

My husband and son got me some Gingher embroidery scissors and water soluble transfer pens. Husband has learned to go into JoAnns and just ask the ladies for help. He says he is totally unable to navigate the fabric, which I completely understand.

Gingher scissors are expensive, but they do seem like they are touched by a heavenly enchantment to cut fabric beautifully. I also have a nice spring green LeCrueset enamel stock pot! Yay for soup and stew!


Pen Pen said...

happy birthday.... your daughter did a wonderful job on your little mascot. I'm sure you will wear it with pride! ... and you have a husband who shops at Joann's... what a treasure!!!

Jenny said...

Happy belated birthday!

Your daughter is definitely following in your footsteps. She does a lovely job for one of such tender years. I know you are proud of her.

I also have a husband who will go in a craft store. He works near a Hobby Lobby, and he has volunteered on several occasions to pick up things for me in order to save a trip. He also has learned to simply ask a clerk for assistance.

craftydiane said...

Your daughter did a great job! It always does my heart good to see a child following in their mother's footsteps by sewing or doing other handwork!
Please take a minute to check out my Etsy Store!
Thank you!
Have a blessed Day,

Paula said...

Wow, they are both lovely she did a very good job.

Hope you had a lovely Birthday and are now enjoying your presents :-)

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Happy Belated! Hey you going to the sewing expo this weekend?

I love my ginghers...*sigh* I want a LeCruset ANYTHING. lol.


IamSusie said...

Thanks you guys! I am enjoying my gifts although the enameled pot is starting to silently mock me every day that I don't make stew...

Nan- I'm going to Craft Social on Friday. A sewing expo sounds great except that we are hosting my FIL so he is the weekend proiority. Have fun!