Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Derby Win!

Sam Pinewood Derby Win
My son's Pinewood Derby car was fast this year! He got a second place trophy for his den (okay... so there were only six boys in his den, and 2 of those were going for style and artistry with their cars...) His car won three of his 6 runs. It was pretty exciting! Hooray! I'd say that the trick to having a fast car is getting as close to the right weight as possible and using graphite on the wheels. Our Cub Scout Pack runs a nice event without all the crazy parents you hear about at these competitions. It's all fun. That's why they allow our pre-carved car. Next month he earns his Arrow of Light and moves onto Boy Scouts. Where do the years go?

I have fair skin and a rosacea problem. Does anyone have any advice on good non-irritating foundations? I detest buying makeup more than I hate buying shoes. It always seems so expensive and fussy. At times, my rosacia gets so bad that it irritates my eyes. I rarely wear sunscreen on my face, but I do avoid the sun. I do actually wear makeup, but I hate buying it. Internet searching has not led to any definitive advice. Consulting a dermatologist is cost-prohibitive for us. My mom did for her rosacea and she has an expensive topical antibiotic she has to use forever. I'm keeping mine under control by avoiding triggers like wine and certain lotions, but I can't control the cold wintry winds!

Still no crafting around here, but on MLK day, Monday, I was inspired to read my languishing copy of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. It is as powerful today as it was back in 1845. I highly recommend this very readable, gripping story. I can't understand why I wasn't made to read it back in school at some point.


Rebel said...

Congrats on the derby win!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and started reading through your archives. Have you tried any of the mineral makeups that are out there right now? Like Bare Escentuals or I think Loreal mineral foundation (you can get it at any drug store I think--mine came from Rite Aid)? I have sensitive skin and have tried them both and they work great for me. Bare Escentuals touts theirs as useful for Rosacea. Good luck and Congrats on the Pine Derby win! My son placed exactly the same way a couple of years ago--it was so much fun!