Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Polished Silver

Polished Silver
Isn't polished silver pretty? The candlesticks are wedding gifts from my husband's sister and brother. I usually use them for Christmas, but they needed a polish and I only just got to it today. Back when we got married, I was sure I'd need a silver chafing dish. Boy, was I wrong! It does look pretty in the china cabinet!

Tomorrow night is our meeting of the Chicagoland Craft Collective! Donna is finally going to get to her ribbon flower craft and as usual, I'm bringing a pile of my Japanese books to share with the uninitiated. We always pass our crafts around and share tips about techniques. Most of us use the internet, so we always talk about the tech side of crafting too. Join us if you are close to the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

I still haven't been crafting. My son has his last Cub Scout Pinewood Derby this weekend. My husband is really a math and history guy, so I supervise the construction of the car. Ours is always disappointingly slow. Thank goodness, several years ago we discovered that the hardware store sells cars already carved so we just focus on painting it and getting the weight right. I'm told the key to speed is using graphite on the wheels, so this time we'll try that to see if we can get this thing slightly fast. There is also some trick to the weight distribution that we have not mastered. Wish us luck!

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