Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Tea Pot

No one really gets my style quite like my mom. Mom picks out the perfect vintage things for my collection. I suppose this is from years and years of cruising the antique malls together. I rarely buy things because of my thrifty tendencies, but she finds lovely treasures.

Look at this spectacular tea set she gave me for Christmas:
Tea Pot The printing on the bottom just says "Japan".

It so happens that I've adored this style of pottery for many many years. My entire childhood and most of my adult life, our routine after Thanksgiving was to browse the antique stores in my parents hometown of Waterloo, Iowa. When I was a kid, I had a bit of birthday money saved and saw this round tea pot:
Original Tea Pot
I absolutely fell in love and had to have it. I was just a young kid and my mom was totally skeptical and discouraged me from buying it. I showed her! My first vintage purchase has always been one of my very favorite things. It goes with my Fiestaware dishes too. Later, she found a tea cup and a platter in the same style.

American Girl even has a matching children's tea set which of course we got at the first opportunity for my daughter. She's served many tea parties with these adorable things.
Platter and Tea Set

That big platter was another gift from Mom. It has "Kitchen Kraft" printed on the bottom, but the round teapot is "Drip-o-Lator". I think this deco styled floral was used by many manufacturers. I don't see it that often.

As an aside, I absolutely recommend Fiestaware dishes, if they are your style. The are extremely chip resistant and durable. I am addicted to them and have 2 sets of almost every color they've made (except he dark ones). I am so in love with dishes that I change my Fiestaware for the seasons. We've had reds, greens and golds for the holidays and I'm about tho switch to pinks, oranges, and reds for Valentine's Day. In March, it's blues, yellows and green and in the summer I use all the brights. My husband thinks this is a little bit nuts, but it is a simple pleasure for me to have our meals on pretty colored dishes, and I like the way everything in the dish cupboard matches. (It distracts from the piles in the sink.)


Felicia said...

What delightful flowery treasures. That tea set is especially adorable.

Lotta said...

So pretty - I imagine your home to be just lovely too!

Rebel said...

I love the tea-pots! I'm a tea drinker and would love to have lots of pretty pots to use. As it is I have one big sturdy everyday one, a couple of small, impractical ones that were gifts, and only one really nice one... it's Villroy & Bach's Miraposa pattern, so dainty and cute. But I only bring it out for company. I should use it more.

Steve Basile said...

I collect Viktor Schreckengost dishes including the Flower Shop pattern. American Girl licensed the pattern based on his 1930s design.
Today at the thrift I found some American Girl coffee mugs. Real mugs. I don't collect doll stuff but I couldn't pass these up!
Here's a pic of the mugs-