Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Japanese Craft Books

It's a gray rainy day here. The kids are back in school. That means that I get the Nintendo Wii all to myself. I'm totally addicted to Super Mario Galaxy. I was dead set against video games in our house, but I had no idea they were so much fun. I'm not a total deadbeat slacker mom. I did put away the last of Christmas and vacuumed the house yesterday. I made snickerdoodles and chicken pot pie for the family too, which everyone loves.

Meanwhile, here is ISBN 4529043363. This is a Japanese book I got in my YesAsia order back in November. I haven't crafted from it yet, although it has some excellent projects.


Look at this adorable folksy girl:
ISBN4529043363 detail1

Here's some little pouches:
ISBN4529043363 detail2

The next one is ISBN 4824764427. Little houses seem to be all the rage lately. This book has little handmade patchwoork patterns for houses. My grandma liked to hand piece her quilts, I have 2 quilts that I've hand pieced, but when I worked out quilting on my machine, I never looked back.


ISBN4824764427 detail1
These containers are fantastic! I think that you can use the sewing machine to assemble these. I can tell you that set in triangles are tricky with the machine, but not impossible:

ISBN4824764427 detail2

YesAsia link to the House Patchwork book HERE.

YesAsia link to the Kids Bags book HERE.

I'm cleaning the upstairs of the house today. No crafting for a few more days. Mario must rescue poor Princess Peach!



Love your Japanese craft books!! I just recently got addicted to them, after receiving a collection for the holidays. Have you checked out
chocolateswirl on etsy
? She has a great collection for sale. Thanks for the YesAsia.com link - I'll definitely check it out.

IamSusie said...

I have seen chocolate swirl. She comes highly recommended and she has some books I haven't seen on YesAsia. It's a terrible addiction! I make a deal with myself that I can't get any new books until I've crafted something from all the books I already purchased.

Donna said...

I'm jealous, my Christmas is still up. I still need to take some photos, yikes!

BTW, I just bought a Sizzix Big Kick and it cuts acrylic felt like butter. I haven't tried wool yet. I'll bring it to the next Meetup.

Lotta said...

Gah! We have to meet so I can drool all over your books.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

HI! Have you checked out the Japanese market in Arlington Heights - I am sure they have craft books there too! I will check it out for you since i live near there! However... I really should stop buying the craft books for now... *embarrassed*

Mami said...

Hi! I was led from the website of Meetup. Iam Mami who just moved to northwest of Chicago recently. Your website looks sooo impressive! I love craft and acutually looking for beginner quilt groups or crossstich. Iam from Japan and this book looks very familiar. When my kids enter the kindergarten, I made those things. We love to make small things!

IamSusie said...

Hi Mami! I hope you come to one of our MeetUps! Our group doesn't really focus on one type of craft. We all like to do different sorts of things. I also love to make small things. So cute!

Mami said...

Thank you, Susie! I would love to come to your meetup but do you meet during the daytime? cos my hus comes back home late, so...

IamSusie said...

Mami- Many of our members work during the day, so we meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. We usually linger until well after 9:00.

Here's our meetup homepage: