Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pink Poodle

Pink Poodle

This is my first embroidery for our Tea Towel Tour. I did this poodle for amyracinrose on Craftster. She wanted a sweet poodle and I thought this would be a good choice. I matched the color choices to some stitching she'd already done. Unfortunately, I picked a lightish sort of rose color and I felt the pink areas needed to be filled in, so I did swirly chain stitching and I'm happy with how it turned out. The pattern for this poodle is in the Sublime Stitching Stitch-It Kit.

Everyone in the swap has a "towel" and we pass them around in small groups and stitch for each other. "towel" is just our label for whatever item people like to stitch. Aprons are quite popular and at least one stitcher is sending around a blank for a pillow.

This is my 5th tour. Sadly, the first one I did was for Sublime Stitching and the towel went missing after 12 stitchers worked really hard on it. Details on the missing towel and the culprit who made off with it are sketchy... It was one of those "I was moving and it got lost in the mail" stories. Mostly swapping goes along without any problems apart form a few postage delays. Last round of this swap, my group was first to finish! It's not a race though. We just like to keep everyone stitching on time and posting their pictures.

I did this pattern before on a t-shirt for my daughter. She's outgrown the shirt and I've been meaning to trim off the poodle and applique it onto a new item for her.

Poodle Stitch T


Muza said...

I love this poodle!

Glenda said...

I saw the poodle on Craftster and it's just beautiful!!

Rebel said...

OMG! That poodle is adorable! I tried doing some embroidery on an apron, but it was a canvas apron and I just about broke my wrist trying to get the needle through it. I think I'll have to make a lighter cotton one if I want to embellish it.