Sunday, March 30, 2008

Felt Food Swap

I don't have to keep the secret anymore! Here's what I made my partner Kiiss over in Malaysia for our Craftster Play Food Swap:

First, this hamburger, with embroidered sesame seeds on the bun:
Felt Hamburger
Here's an inside view. That is supposed to be ketchup on the burger:
Felt Hamburger3

The pattern was in this book ISBN 9784529042659 (or maybe 4529042650 at YesAsia..).

I also did some felt strawberries which are super easy. You just use a half circle of felt and stitch up the straight sides.. maybe I'll do a tutorial on that. The cherries are made from wool roving. I would have made more cherries, but I hardly had any red roving left!

I also have always wanted to make felt s'mores and here was my chance:
Felt S'mores

I also sent her the toast I made a few weeks ago for my Using Japanese Books Tutorial.

I am totally loving felt right now. I spent all day nursing a headache and stitching little monkeys and pirate island appliques.

OOh.. must quick hit "publish" John Adams is starting on HBO.

Edited to add: Abigail Adams is one of the most significant American women to ever live. She participated in many rich intellectual discussions with her husband and advised him at all aspects of his very public career. Why then in this HBO movie is she relegated to lovingly gazing at her husband (or longing mournfully at his absences) as he performs his political duties? This really irks me.... I know it's a film series about John Adams, but really... Why put her character in the story at all if they wont be fair about her contributions? Anyone else watching this on HBO? What do you think? My husband read most of the biography on which the film is based, but he didn't finish it. He observed sheepishly, "Um.. it's really really detailed about John Adams..."



Susie, oh my goodness - too cute! I'm currently obsessed with eating burgers lately, i love it! -Marichelle

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Susie - I love em ALL but I especially love the felted Cherries! *go you!* What gauge of needle did you use?

I wish I could add a comment about John Adams but I have no cable and I really wanted to see that show because it was filming in Williamsburg when I was there about 2 years ago!


IamSusie said...

Nan- I did the cherries with the wet feting technique where you just roll a ball of roving in warm soapy water.

Thanks Marichelle! I adore hamburgers, but I don't exercise enough to eat them regularly.

Sonya said...

Wow felt food totally rocks! you did such a fantastic job!! I love fod things,mini food,felt food..wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

Were you a fan of the 1776 movie where Abigail and John sing thier letters to each other? All I can remember is one of them repeating "Saltpeter" to the other, which made no real sense to a grade schooler during the bicentennial.


IamSusie said...

Anonymous Rob- I confess that I have never been able to get through the 1776 movie. All I recall about it is that it is terrible.

And Rob- regarding the station wagon dream car in the more recent post above, your blue camaro was (and will be again!) supremely practical.

Anonymous said...

Yes, also teenage boys and teenage girls have different definitions of practical.


Lotta said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a school field trip involving the movie 1776? Can't remember a thing about it, other than the thrill of being in a movie theater on a school day. I don't think it was the trip where the class mobbed the candy counter, because as I have been saying for years, I was sick for that one, and only heard about it later.

IamSusie said...

Anonymous Julie- I don't remember a field trip to that movie. All I remember about the famous candy counter mob scene trip is the candy counter getting mobbed and then later we were told that we were the worst class they'd ever seen. I didn't even get any candy!

Anonymous said...

I think my dogs would love the various felt foods as toys.