Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lilacs or Grapes?

Grapes or Lilacs?

This embroidery is for GatsbyGirl in our tea towel swap. I found the motif at under "geometric". I picked it because has an art nouveau feel and she likes The Great Gatsby.

I had a little bit of trouble doing the transfer. I had some transfer paper from an old project, but I don't think I had the right pen to go with it. I found my red transfer pencil, but after I traced the design and ironed it on, the red marks were way too light so I went over it in pencil. I think maybe pencil is a big no-no, but it seems to work for me. If I use disappearing ink, sometimes it disappears before I finish stitching.


Melanie said...

I'm a serious fan of crayola washable markers for going over embroidery transfers - they've not failed me yet in terms of steadfastedness or washoutability.

The work is very pretty regardless of transfer issues. My first thought upon seeing it was 'hyacinths!', but that's likely down to my wishing-for-spring mind.

Sonya said...

So pretty!! Im going with grapes myself.