Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back To School

Hooray! The kids had to carry all their supplies to school on the first day. My daughter had too much to fit into her backpack. Her irritating school supply requirement was 60 sharpened #2 pencils. Only certain brands are allowed.
Emma First Day of School

My son was saying, "MOM! Stop! you are embarrassing me! You better not follow me to the bus stop!" I didn't. He couldn't figure out why paper towels were necessary for his school supplies. Budget cuts I guess.
Sam First Day of School

I guess this means I really have to get to all those things I've been planning on doing once they go to school all day. Uh... what were those things again? Tomorrow I'm going to an early showing of Hamlet 2 at the movie theater.

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Martha Bonneau said...

Saw Hamlet 2 a couple of nights ago and loved flippin' funny!!