Friday, August 29, 2008

Embroidered Fall Bird

My first Tea Towel Tour 4 embroidery is done! This chickadee is from a free pattern offered by Andrea Zuill, 'Badbird", at her blog. Get your copy HERE.

I put a batik binding on my towel in 2 contrasting fall colors. I used my one-inch clover bias tape maker for it. This time I made it into a double fold binding by ironing it in half again lengthwise and top stitching it. I like the way it looks with this method much better than the other way I've done it.

This is the last of my stash of blank flour sack tea towels and I haven't been totally happy with the weave of these although they are very soft. I found some very nice blank towels at Cost Plus World Market today. They were about $10 US for a set of 4. The weave reminds me of the incredibly nice texture of the Sublime Stitching towel we test drove in our first Tea Towel Tour. HERE is a link. Scroll down to the one called "OUR FAVORITE Tea Towel". It is $6 US, but it is a superior quality.

We are camping this weekend and the weather promises to be comfortable and dry. We haven't camped in about 2 summers so we are really looking forward to it, but I have no idea what our equipment looks like. For all I know, critters may have set up house in our tent bag that we stored in the garage last winter...


Rebel said...

Very pretty! I actually walked into a Japaneses bookstore yesterday (took me a while to realize it wasn't Thai =P ) they had all these Japanese craft books & quilting books. I was really tempted to pick some up, but need to save my money until I actually get a job. Thought of you though!

Natasha said...

Love the little bird. Very effective batik binding too! Hope you don't find too many critters.

Brook said...

yay for the ttt4 I can't wAit! I love that Japanese craft book! They have the cutest ideas!