Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Japanese Embroidery Book

Last week my daughter and I had a day alone to do whatever we wanted and I think that maybe my attempts to shape my daughter's interests to reflect my own are working out great because she said, "Let's go to the Japanese Store!"

Sounds fun! We bought some yummy treats and browsed at the bookstore. I got 2 craft books and we got some fun origami paper that folds up into little snack shapes. Here is the latest book I have to share. It's an embroidery book, ISBN978-4-529-04536-0.

Japanese Embroidery Book

Little forest critters:
Japanese Embroidery Book

I didn't photograph the page that is labeled Aquarium. Here is the deep sea:
Japanese Embroidery Book

Zoo animals:
Japanese Embroidery Book

There are also several pages of adorableness like this:
Japanese Embroidery Book

I like these birds. Patterns in this book are mostly a bit more realistic. The motifs are all quite small. The taller owl here is just over 2 inches.
Japanese Embroidery Book

Bugs in cross-stitch. You'll also find cross-stitched animals and a page of Zodiac done in white thread on black aida.
Japanese Embroidery Book

Rectangel noted on my Flickr page for this photo, "It's strange to see the alphabet with animals that don't match the letters." I love these. Forget the kids. One day I might do "SUSIE"!
Japanese Embroidery Book

Next time I'm getting this second volume of "365 Design Collection for Kids" I love the first book in that series.
Japanese Embroidery Books

I'll see if I can find this volume on YesAsia to link you to it. I haven't shopped there for awhile since our local Japanese bookshop beefed up their offerings.

EDIT: Yeah.. I tried searching for it at YesAsia, but they changed their search engine and I can't figure out how to find something by ISBN and clicking willy-nilly on other embroidery books didn't reveal this title.


upstateLisa said...

Wow! to have a Japanese book store in town. We are lucky to have ONE book store in town, crazy huh?
BTW, I got my 2 yards of blue/red zazu fabric in the mail yesterday from etsy. More gorgeous in real life!

IamSusie said...

Lisa- I love that fabric!

Natasha said...

Looks like a great book - thanks for sharing. I am hoping that one day my girls will suggest going to the Japanese store!

Glenda said...

Love the designs in that book, but especially the alphabet -- too cute!!

SewAmy said...

a Japanese store?? how fun. lucky you. I want to go and I want that book. thank you for sharing the book , it looks like such inspiration.

Nobu Murakawa said...

The diagrams are so beautiful in your book.
Here is the another Japanese store. You can visit