Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fabric Crayons

I tested Crayola Fabric Crayons for Craft Critique. I found them to be very easy to use and more durable than I expected on natural fibers though synthetics are recommended. Check out my latest article HERE.

Hubby and I are addicted to Settlers of Catan: The Card Game and have missed most of the Olympics so far. I just watched a video clip of the Men's Swimming Relay where they beat France by about one hand length. WOW! Go USA!


Lily Boot said...

those crayons look fabulous - I'm definitely more a crayon person than a paint person. I've not watched any Olympics either - can't point to one specific thing I've been doing instead - just generally unorganised.

Anonymous said...

I read the article on Fabric Crayons and was wondering about how many packages of crayons to buy to make a dozen t-shirt designs? Thanks ANG

IamSusie said...

Anonymous- That would all depend on how much you are drawing on your shirts. They use up pretty much like regular crayons, so you could probably get by with one or 2 boxes. I really am not sure!

Be sure your shirts have some polyester content so the color doesn't wash out over time! The crayons have a dye that bonds with synthetic fibers more than naturals. My cotton dishtowels with fabric crayon designs have faded over time with regular washing since I wrote that article.