Tuesday, January 13, 2009

100 Motif Crochet Book

Here is another crochet book I got at my local Japanese bookseller. This one is ISBN978-4-8347-2650-3 or just 4834726503. I wanted some more patterns that you work in the round. I was keeping my eye out for a different book that has more motifs but this one is pretty good!

100 Motif Crochet Book

I haven't stitched from it yet. I think I invariably am drawn to books with floral patterns. Look at these:
100 Motif Crochet Book

Beyond that, there are a few edge patterns along with round patterns:
100 Motif Crochet Book

Square patterns. I like these using multiple colors, but many patterns are just one color:
100 Motif Crochet Book

Here are triangle motifs:
100 Motif Crochet Book

100 Motif Crochet Book

100 Motif Crochet Book

And something called "knit ring". I think these are done around stitch markers. They show squares and triangle centers as well as the circle I'm familiar with:
100 Motif Crochet Book

So pretty! I'm really feeling crochet right now. It is super cold here, so working with fuzzy yarns seems right somehow. I committed to doing a review/article on embroidery for February, so I'll have to get out that stuff again too! and oh man.. I have 2 baby quilts that need borders and backs and those babies are growing every day!

I made this scarf with some really expensive hand dyed superwash wool. I love these circles! The pattern was in Crochet Today, but I've seen it lots of places:
Scarf Pattern


kleinzonnetje said...

Gosh, they look amazing, would love to try some of those,but I think I have some kind of block when it comes to following charts. I'm sure it's easier than I think it is!

IamSusie said...

kleinzonnetje- I prefer the charts because it is easier to find your place in the pattern. They do take some getting used to!

Rebel said...

I keep thinking of you when I see Japanese craft books at the store here, but it looks like you get your hands on plenty as is!

Sam said...

hi susie

i am sheren . i love in dubai. would you mind sharing this pattern with me or guidign me to which issue of crochet magazine you found this pattern in ? its relly lovely and would like to make one for my daughter as well. My email id is sherensam@yahoo.com