Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is my dumb stupid brother

Yesterday I fiddled all day doing this and that on the computer and I felt guilty. Today I embraced it and got totally nostalgic. I have very few photos of my childhood. Mom insists that they exist, but she's hidden them away from the light for closing in on 25 years.

I do have some old scrapbooks and this is the page with the school photos of my brother and me. I was only kidding about him being dumb and stupid. Really we were great friends and he was a bright, fun student. Here he is in first grade and I am in second. It is probably 1974.

Me and my Dumb Stupid Brother

You know folks, it is Girl Scout Cookie time! Be sure to support your local troop and stock up! This is a photo of my Girl Scout troop circa 1977. We served homemade cookies at the Winnetka Bank on Saturday mornings. This was back when you actually had to enter a bank to do business. I am the brown haired girl on the far right.
Cookies Anyone?

During my nostalgia day today I was reminded that one of these little girls, Susie C, got a GI Joe Man head stuck on her tongue and had to have it surgically removed. I am absolutely serious. Ahh.. the things you remember via Facebook.


Anonymous Winnetka Bank snacker said...

Wow! What a great shot. Free cookies at the bank -- you can't get that from an ATM. I recognize those long-ago girls, except I'm not sure about holding-sign girl and girl-in-the-back. And I forgot the name of girl-with-tray. I wonder what they're all up to, 30 years later? Also, if I may, for a budding craftster, your vest looks curiously devoid of merit badges....

IamSusie said...

Yeah.. I noticed that about my vest too. My mom was never into sewing!

I can name the girls! Sign holding girl is Val Smith. Her mom was our leader. Tall girl in the back is my good friend Gina C. I slept over at her house all the time until she left to go to the Catholic school and I didn't see her anymore. GIrls with tray are Susie C and Amy Seften.... (I'm not putting the whole names because I don't know really know these folks anymore and I don't know if it is okay with them. I can't imagine they care...)

Anonymous said...

Were you *totally* kidding or just *sort of* kidding? hahaha. That cracks me up!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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