Monday, January 12, 2009

Magic Scrubber Book 9

This is book 9 of the Magic Scrubber Series. I found it at my local Japanese bookseller. This is ISBN978-4-8247-6460-4. I think that if you do a search for it, you use the numbers 4834764604. Searching by ISBN is tricky. I never seem to get it right, but people always ask for the numbers so there they are!

Magic Scrubber Book 9

I learned recently that these scrubbers are made from acrylic yarn. I found that out by trial and error, but there was an article and a pattern written about these useful little things in the latest issue of Craft magazine. According to the article, (what I remember.. I read it yesterday at the bookstore) these qualify as eco-crafts because they are effective without the use of soaps or cleaning chemicals. Also, they are durable and reuseable.

Here are the ones I've made recently:
Magic Scrubbers

In this book there are about as many knit patterns as crochet:
Magic Scrubber Book 9

The ones on the right below appear to have a soft sponge inside. I've been wanting to learn this kind of knitting:
Magic Scrubber Book 9

Here are knit houses and funny crocheted dusting girls:
Magic Scrubber Book 9

Magic Scrubber Book 9

Here are hears and stars:
Magic Scrubber Book 9

This book also has a bottle scrubber, some cute animal faces, simple fruits, and a colorful crocheted mitten scrubber and a glove scrubber.

Finally... This is the advertisement at the end of the booklet for the yarn they are using. I can't read any of this, but maybe this is useful to someone! This same ad is in all of my magic scrubber pattern books.

Magic Scrubber Book 9

Note: I edited this post from an earlier version where I'd included a photo of one of the patterns. I've since had a crisis of conscience about copyright and have deleted that photo.


Hen said...

Looks like a stunning book but I'm not sure I could bring myself to use the scrubbers, they're far too pretty!

Hen x

IamSusie said...

Hen- They work up in a flash and the yarn is the really cheap stuff. They also launder well.

jennyleigh said...

You are fortunate to have access to such wonderful resources. I'm still drooling over the issue of Cotton Time that you posted back in August. Very nice.

Sarah said...

Boy I have some awful scratchy acrylic that would be great to crochet into dish scrubbers...

Paula said...

I am pretty sure the advertisement is for the antibacterial acrylic yarn. There is a group on Ravelry called Tawashi Town (you would LOVE it). They have CALs and LOTS of tips on tawashi making. :) I am on ravelry as lvg4him. :) The group has links to etsy stores that sell the books as well as the yarn. :) And yes, tawashis are totally best in acrylic yarn, especially those yarns you find in the thrift stores from the 1970's. SOOOO scratchy! I love tawashis and make a LOT of them. I wish I had the money for a Japanese book, but alas, I just have to do the free patterns available (linked from ravelry).

Barbara Lou said...

Yeah I am pretty sure thats the same yarn I have seen for sale on Ebay. Pretty good prices from what I have seen. Does this book have diagrams/charts to crochet from? I am new to the whole Japanese craft thing!

IamSusie said...

Barbara Lou- This book and the other ones like it have detailed charts. I mostly understand the charts, but sometimes I come across something complicated that I just can't figure out. There are many patterns in these Magic Scrubber books, so there is bound to be something you can read.