Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello my friends! Have a good day!

We are well into the winter blahs around here. I love winter and snow, but every year around now until maybe the end of February I get to feeling really lazy and I notice all the unfinished things all around the house and ... well you know... you probably feel it too if you live up here in the north someplace.

Believe me.. I lived in a warm climate for awhile and I would never trade back. I prefer the winter chill over steamy summers any day. Where I lived in south Texas, it was godawful hot from February until November.

Anyway.. I'm looking at some of my supplies and not feeling energized to use them for anything, but I sure do have nice supplies! Isn't this fabric cute? I've been admiring these Japanese prints for years and I finally scored a yard of this at the Winter Renegade Craft Show here in Chicago:
Hello Friends!
I want to be that little bear delivering flowers on my bike...

Mom gave me this yarn she found in her closet. I think she meant to give it to me for Christmas.

Yummy cuddley yarns

Don't you just want to dive in and take a nap in it? This is alpaca and angora fibers and I think she got them at a fiber arts show we have here in Chicago at the Botanic Gardens every year.

I have been accomplishing a few things. We've been eating at home more than usual and that makes me feel like a good mom. I've got a nice chicken to roast for supper and some quinoa and veggies to go with it. I've also scored a lot of snowman furniture for the little house I share with my kids in Animal Crossing. We are playing the DS version and I've been swiping it out of my son's room after he goes to sleep at night... It helps me get to sleep because I get insomnia this time of year. Or maybe it keeps me awake.. whatever.. our snowman house is cute and we get good Happy Room Academy points!

And in current events.. Isn't Gov. Blagojevich a nutcase? Oprah Winfrey as Senator from Illinois? It's very entertaining.


Kara said...

I was watching another senator speak of him on television & nearly lost it when he said "Cooku!".

By the way- just discovered your blog & I very much enjoy reading it. :)

IamSusie said...

Our politics in Illinois is very amusing. It is also a horrible travesty, but it's improving. I think that Cuckoo thing was Mayor Daley.

jenny said...

Ah, another DS thief. I do the same thing... I have my own game slot on my son's Final Fantasy and Drawn to Life games. Last year I just went out and bought myself the Sims and Call of Duty - I never thought about Animal Crossing...I'll have to check it out :)