Friday, January 16, 2009

Inaugural Hooplah

Congress Debates Adding Elaborate Dance To Obama's Inauguration Ceremony

Oh that the inauguration ceremony would be so entertaining! (Note that video is from The Onion and is totally a joke.)

It looks like there is going to be wall-to-wall news coverage of the inauguration. I don't know what exactly they will cover.. a big bunch of parties? Crowds and traffic? Celebrities? If I recall the swearing in ceremony is pretty quick.

My daughter's third grade is taking advantage of the opportunity to study our Presidents. My daughter is excited to get to do a report on one of her top choices. "Mom! I got Grover Cleveland!" (In case you were wondering... nobody gets to do Lincoln and Washington. They are too easy and well known.) Her teacher is a distant relation to Ulysses Grant, and another teacher can claim Lincoln as a distant cousin. I can claim no such interesting connections even though one half of my ancestry came over during the colonial period.

So anyway... Yay America! We love studying the presidents in our house. My husband wants to visit all their homes, museums, and libraries. I've said this before... the Gerald Ford museum is great. The Lyndon Johnson stuff down in Texas is interesting too. The Kennedy Museum is awful. The best we've seen is the Lincoln Museum and Library down in Springfield, IL.

Have a great weekend!

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