Monday, September 1, 2008

Felt Mascot Book With Squirrels

Ahh camping. No critters in our equipment, thank goodness. I didn't plan our meals carefully enough ahead of time so we brought too much food, but still had to stop at the grocery for various essentials. This time of year it gets dark a bit earlier and our kids are too old to send to bed at 8:30 so we played some rousing games of headlamp Uno: everyone needs a headlamp to see our own cards. Now we are home to piles of gritty laundry and ashy cookware, but it was a great weekend!

Here is another Japanese book I got last week at the Japanese store here in Chicagoland. This is ISBN978-4-8347-5728-6 and features my favorite, miniature felt mascots! It even says so in English on the cover:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Mainly it has these fun squirrels that adorably present the various projects throughout:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Here the squirrels seem to be having a yard sale. I like the birch tree reindeer in the background:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Here are mini bags and purses: Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Fun country houses:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

There are various themed dioramas. I particularly like this Christmas one because it reminds me of my favorite childhood ornament:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Your mascots can have tea with teeny tiny cakes and fruit slices:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Here are some fun refrigerator magnets. I like the jam jar and the eggs and sausage:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

This book has no pattern insert. All the patterns and instructions are on pages like this in the back of the book. This might look intimidating, but it isn't really that hard if you know the basics of hand stitching and working in three dimensions:
Japanese Felt Mascot Book

Patterns also include felt baking equipment, garden vegetables, miniature felt flower bouquets, and ice cream treats.

I did a haphazard search and I found it at Yes Asia, so if you want to order your own and don't have a Japanese store in your city, HERE it is!


upstateLisa said...

cute, cute! I might need a magnifying glass and tweezers to make them, though :-)

fi at moose and bear said...

I love that book so much - the tea sets are my favourite! thanks for finding the link on yesasia - am off there now...

candy said...

adorable! I'm making some felt toys myself! I like this book though...


cevreen said...

hello, i m Severine and i m french, so excuse my bad english.
would you like to send me the pattern of the squirrel? i would like to make it for my futur baby!I m looking for a pattern of cute rabbit too. in exchange i can send you patterns of cute animals from another japonnese book, like elephant, fawn, hedgehog.
i made the fawn, you can see it on my blog . i made the hedgehog but i don't photography it yet.
thank you for your reply!