Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another 40th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Blair!


Today is the day my brother turns 40 and for just about 2 weeks we are the same age. My whole family (Mom, Dad, Brother) has our birthdays in the same 2 week period, so we always look forward to our get-together for Family Birthday Weekend. That's me sitting quietly back on the lounge chair and he's the little guy in front ready to entertain.

I did not make anything handmade for my brother's milestone birthday. Have you heard me say before that crafting for men is very hard for me? To me it can be a little bit like being trapped in hell. Even so, in the past I've given him many things. When we were teenagers I stenciled a big Christmas goose on his underpants and he wore those every holiday for many years. At least he told me he did, I didn't actually see them. When he was married I made him and his wife a new bed-sized quilt that I actually completely hand quilted. One day I'll get a photo of that as it predates the digital era. It was THIS pattern.

Brother and I grew up very close. He is extroverted to the extreme and I am less so. He is very funny and was a terrific youth minister at a very large Presbyterian church until he changed careers to have more time for his family. We were involved in the same high school activities including stage crew, band, Amigos, and the church youth group. We have many of the same long term friends from those days and even spent some time as roommates at the college we attended together.

Here's a more current photo of us. It's an unflattering angle of me and a little bit blurry. Practically every other digital photo I have of him he's hamming it up in some silly way.
Me and My Bro
Have a great day, Blair! Enjoy the 40's! It's a great age!

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