Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are some Halloween movies I've recently watched.

. The ending is shocking and the whole thing is memorably creepy and strange.

Cat People. Not really too scary, more of a moody film focusing on psychological tension.

No vintage Halloween movie fest is complete without Vincent Price. His films are always fun, but I usually forget the plots. He always plays the deliciously evil villian mastermind.

Silent Classic, Nosferatu (1922)

I actually like the Werner Herzog remake Nosferatu, the Vampyre better. The ending is changed from the original and is even more haunting.

I don't know why FOX doesn't run the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror on a continuous loop:

Is it all in her mind? Classic haunted House film The Haunting

Ever had mice in your basement or revenge fantasies? Willard is the film for you!

There are so many great Halloween movies! Have a fun day!

edited to add: Yipes! It just occurred to me that my daughter is a mouse for Halloween! (See Willard, above)


Girl Land said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! The Haunting is one of my favorite scary movies ever! I love the gory ones, but that one is so stinkin scary without the need for any gore. Love it! Happy Howl-o-ween!!! xo

Martha Bonneau said...

Love, love, love Freaks and Willard is def. another fave. I will be sad when Halloween is over and there aren't all the scary movies on every night.

Rebel said...

Treehouse of Horror is my favorite Halloween tradition... I was really sad to miss it this year.