Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chicken Scratch Embroidery


PAT and VIP are super excited about their embroidered gingham! I was relieved to finally find this McCalls booklet. Grandma had saved it since 1962 and it came to me when she passed away 5 years ago.

This has illustrations and pattern information for sewing patterns McCalls sold at the time and then on the opposing page is the gingham pattern:
McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

There is a lot of retro charm here:
McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

Most of the cross stitching is really simple:
McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

In case you have never cross stitched, it is easy to learn. Here are some instructions:
McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

I like these simple geometrics:

McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch BookletMcCalls Gingham Cross Stitch BookletMcCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

Unfortunately, I don't think the charm of chicken scratch embroidery really shows in this booklet. It would benefit from some actual photographs. I did a "chicken scratch embroidery" search at Flickr and found some wonderful projects HERE.

I bet someone has these pattern packs offered by McCalls in the early 1960's. I sure wish Grandma had these!
McCalls Gingham Cross Stitch Booklet

I have a few more photos of this booklet at my flickr HERE. You can see the full sized patterns if you click on a photo and then click "All Sizes".

I have done some aprons with some embroidery like this along with rick-rack. I actually think this was from a modern McCall's apron pattern. This is an old photo taken with my old, bad camera:
Apron yellow detail


Natasha said...

love the illustrations! I really like how it looks with the rick rack as well. I might have to give this a try.

Patty said...

Thanks for sharing this booklet! I love chicken scratch. And, I love what you did with the rick rack.

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

I would give anything to dig in my grams old stash and see what she had. To think she actually had a custom made dress from and my mom gave it away! Not that I could fit into her clothes but OH MAN I would love to see it all! I was so little when she died...*sigh*...

jennyleigh said...

That is a great little booklet. And I love the piece you made, especially with the addition of the rick-rack. So cute!

Paula said...

Brilliant patterns, they make you want to get some gingham, thread and needle and start embroidering. Thanks for sharing them.

Early Bird Special said...

Those booklets are great! I'm sure I'll be adding a few of the pictures to my Flickr favorites. Thanks, Susie!

Greg and Donna said...

What a treasure to receive! I love the way chicken scratch looks when finished and its very easy to do!