Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ThankYou Mr. Electrician!

Thank you Mr. Electrician!

Hooray! All the brass fixtures have now been eradicated from my home! We also got 2 new fixtures in the bathrooms and a new ceiling fan as well. I know this is a pretty ordinary unglamorous light fixture, but let me tell you, it is a HUGE improvement!

Next I'll change out the brassy dented doorknobs, but there are a LOT of doorknobs... I hate hiring contractors. I always forget to ask my neighbors and local acquaintances for recommendations, so I just look in the yellow pages for medium sized ads for companies in my community or very close-by. I do get several estimates, but I never can really tell who to hire. So far this has worked out okay for me, but it really isn't a good method.

My problem with hiring contractors helps me get to projects on my own. My husband is totally and completely hopeless about home improvement projects. I'm not sure he knows how to open a ladder and I know for a fact that he is at a loss as to how people hang framed pictures on the wall. Husband has many other wonderful qualities, so this has not been a big problem for us.

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