Friday, September 19, 2008


Mr. Squirrel welcomes fall.

Felt Squirrel

He wears a red neckerchief because, like all squirrels, he is an outlaw.

Felt Squirrel

Mr. Squirrel is very small, although I have large hands.

Felt Squirrel

He is from a pattern in one of my recently purchased Japanese books, ISBN978-4-8347-5728-6.
This was a very fiddley pattern. Not nearly as easy as another squirrel I made last year for a swap with Alex. Now that he is done, he is telling me that he feels lonely and needs a squirrel companion, but I may not ever get to that. Meanwhile, he'll be hanging out learning to spread agreeable happiness with with my Unazukin.


Paula said...

He's so cute and tiny. Just lovely :-)

SewAmy said...

the squirrel is adorable.

upstateLisa said...

my goodness he is tiny! and yes, I guess it is really fall, huh?

Sonya said...

I just love how tiny he is and he has a bit of a naughty look on his face wich is so cute!!

k said...

OMG Susie, this is so adorable. I love him and the acorns very very much. The Pegasus is also fabulous.
- Kat

Anonymous said...

Another project that might go well since the squirrels turned out so well:

I don't think they are outlaws, though.


IamSusie said...

Rob/Julie- Weasels aren't outlaws. Everyone knows weasels are grifters. ;)