Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clover Yo-Yo Tool

Last night was Open House in my daughter's classroom. I was embarrassed when the teacher got to the part about the nightly reading and math logs and let out an "Oh God" sigh that was audible to most people in the classroom including the teacher. The PTO president sitting next to me laughed out loud. I didn't realize anyone could hear me. Oops! In my defense, most people hate reading and math logs, but I think it is a district or state requirement or something. Also, I am loud because my husband is hearing impaired and he really needs new hearing aids. Um, yeah... I blame my husband.

Fabric YoYos

Check out this Clover Yo Yo maker. I can't wait to share my enthusiasm for this gem of a tool. I want to do a review of it for Craft Critique, but since no one has gotten back to me on that, I'm not waiting to share my project. Seriously, if fabric yo-yos have ever tempted you, run don't walk to the craft store (with your newspaper coupon) and get one of these. They come in several sizes and there is even a heart shape and a flower yo-yo tool you can use as well.

Clover Yo Yo Tool
I know how to make yo-yos without the tool, but I never seem to get to it. Sunshine is my yo-yo making idol. Recently, she mentioned that her kids like using the tool so I picked one up and gave it a try. I use thick button and carpet thread on mine. This thread holds up to the gathering you will do on your yo-yo.

Clover Yo Yo Tool

I roughly cut a pile of circles larger than the tool template. This fabric was bandanas that I made into 3 pairs of adorable capri pants for my daughter when she was in preschool. (Martha Stewart tute HERE). I hated to toss out the outgrown pants and decided to reuse them for this project.

Making these is pretty simple. You put your fabric between the 2 plastic circles so that the ridges on the inside part line up with the little nobs on the outside part. Trim your fabric to between 1/8 and 5/16 seam allowance.

Clover Yo Yo Tool

Sew in and out of the little grooves provided on the tool. Lazygirl has a better tute, but once you have the tool, it is pretty easy to figure out what to do. Go all the way around overlapping the first stitch when you get to the beginning of the circle. Do not backstitch because you will need to gather the stitching.

Clover Yo Yo Tool

Even though this pic is blurry, you can see that you pull the thread as tight as you can and knot it as closely as possible. In the past when I've used regular sewing thread, this is the part where my threads break. Straighten out your delicious piece of fabric perfection.

Fabric YoYo

And that's it! It goes really fast once you get going. I made a large pile a lot faster than I did that cross stitch from the other day.

Fabric YoYos

Now I have to connect them and I'll have a little coverlet for my daughter's doll bed. I did want to have her make some of these, but I was so excited I used up all the fabric before she got home from school.


Simona said...

Wow, this is a very cool tool!!! I have never seen it before!

upstateLisa said...

I took my yoyo tool on vacation and made a bunch! I love the colors of your yoyos!!!!

Early Bird Special said...

Wonderful! I saw one of these the other day and wondered if it was any good. Now I'll have to get one next time I'm at the craft store.

Paula said...

What a lovely cover your daughter's dolls are going to have. I do like fabric yo-yos and I've been meaning to make a few for some Christmas projects I have in mind and that tool seems great my only question is: which is faster? making yo-yos with or without it? This is me being my usual impatient self and wanting to have things done quickly :-)

IamSusie said...

Paula- Without a doubt, making yo-yos without the tool is faster for me, but I was never an expert at them to begin with. The tool eliminates the trickier needle turning part at the outside seam. I used to only do like 4 or 5 yo-yos in a sitting, but with the tool I scarcely wanted to stop and made close to 100 before running out of the fabric.

Paula said...

Oh dear, isn't it just typical? When you're having fun something happens to spoil it. Hope you get more fabric soon, your yo-yos are beautiful :-)

Lily Boot said...

You made a HUNDRED!!!!! That is so cool! It takes me ages to make mine - maybe it's my tinsy winsy stitches. I love the pattern you created with the colours. I have always wanted to make a yo-yo quilt for my bed - maybe I'll get you to make them 100 at a time! ;-)

sunshine said...

congratulations on your new tool I hope you have tons more fun my children do.

KKL-Neenee said...

I purchased one of these yo yo makers on eBay and it came in the mail today. I love it!! So easy and fun. Now I just have to figure out what I want to make with them!

Syafazaliza said...

hi... may i know where can buh the yo-yos tools..? or maybe u do u sell them..?

Victoria said...

Joanns fabric stocks these