Thursday, September 4, 2008

Go Cubs!

Kent Brockman: Springfield is once again overrun with fair-weather fans.
Homer: The Isotopes are winning? To the bandwagon!

Cubs Crochet

Much a my husband's consternation, I cannot maintain interest in sports for the entire duration of a sport's season. I am always happy to know that our teams are winning and I do get interested toward the end of the season if Chicago or Indiana University are doing really well. I guess the Cubs have been having a good year , although I think I read today that someone important may be injured.

To celebrate (their wins) and hopefully send them some good mojo (for the injury), I crocheted these little things. The small one is a patch and the larger one is a coaster. Both are thread crochet done in double crochet concentric circles. The coaster is 2 layers with a royal blue back.
Cubs Crochet

The White Sox are also doing well, but they do not inspire me to take up my needles. Apologies to any south-siders reading my blog...


Lily Boot said...

cute! we have cubs caps from one of Julian's many trips to Chicago for work and our love of Ralph's World and his Cubby Blues song! These crochets are so pretty - you just cannot beat red, white and blue can you!

IamSusie said...

Cubs Rule!!!!!! Sam